This church firmly believes in Missions both at home as well as throughout the world.  The church has been involved with supporting mission projects and missionaries across the world and continues to do so even today.  Want to get involved?  Speak with Pastor Joel today to find out more.



Beauty from Ashes

God takes the ashes of our life and makes something beautiful is the goal for “Beauty from Ashes” a non profit organization that houses men and women seeking release from drugs.

Pastor Jeremy Smith and John and Brittany Layton are the facilitators of the residential recovery program.


(601) 921-1164



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Support Details

This ministry is always looking for financial partners.  You can give directly to this ministry by clicking below or through the church.  Both one-time gifts, as well as monthly-recurring gifts, are welcomed.

Starkville Pregnancy Care Center

Starkville Pregnancy Care Center supports women who are or might be unexpectedly pregnant in their journey by offering services completely free of charge. Their center is committed to providing you with all the information and care you need to make the most empowering decision possible for you.


"There’s no pressure or judgment; we’re here to give you the support you deserve."

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